Peter Deubler

Peter Deubler_zugeschnitten“I like the internationality of LSG Sky Chefs; being international representative, having colleagues from different locations and cultures but also having customer with diverse portfolios.”

After finishing his Bachelor in International Business, he started in 2007 as a project manager for LSG Sky Chefs Venezuela. Since March 2015, he works as a director sales for the European region. He is now responsible for all customers flying from North America to Europe.

What persuaded you back then to work for LSG Sky Chefs?

During my studies I went on exchange and did an internship abroad. For me an international environment is and was always important. The position at LSG Sky Food in Alzey was a very appealing and interesting challenge.

You are currently working as a director of sales for Europe. Can you describe your job and why it is interesting?

Since I am working in this position for only three weeks, I am still in a stage of vocational adjustment. It is a new experience, as before in Alzey my team was local and the customer international, whereas now my team as well as the customers are international. I cannot go to the office next door but have to figure out other ways to communicate with people from all around the world. Therefore, I am traveling a lot.

My focus lies on North American. I am responsible for all clients flying from North America to Europe. So I am not responsible only for one country but am responsible for all locations and businesses that LSG Sky Chefs Group is doing with the customers from North America and Europe.

This is very interesting and I think a reasonable and good approach to identify strategies between customers from different countries. We are able now to create new sales opportunities and make the cooperation between the countries and culture more efficient in terms of sharing knowledge but also to appear as one face and company to the customer on a regional and global basis.

What is your favourite part of your job?

I enjoy very much the diversity, the fast paste and changing environment and that I am able to get a lot of insight into the many different fields. In my old position I was dedicated to sell deep frozen hot meals but now I am operating within the catering business. My current tasks do no consists out of selling the nomination products anymore but to grasp opportunities when talking to customers. I figure out where we can potentially sell our products and bundle deals.

What challenges do you face on a daily basis?

We always try to fully understand each customer in new ways. So being open minded to analyse things from the scratch is necessary. We cannot take best practice we had in the past as taking for granted; they are not staying the same. The whole industry and our customers are changing continuously, and we need to adjust in a short amount of time. Only then we can ensure trends and meet changing expectations from customers.

How would you describe LSG Sky Chefs and working at LSG Sky Chefs to a friend?

I would describe it as more than just a job. People working for LSG Sky Chefs are passionate about their job and you have to be passionate if you want to work here. It is a very emotional job, and people are dedicated. You have to be flexible and eager to learn and to be challenged all the time.

However, from a sales perspective, LSG Sky Chefs is a good opportunity to get knowledge and know how not only about sales but also about cross-functional thinking or even entrepreneurial thinking. It is more than looking at numbers but also thinking about new business models and the incorporation of new market trends.