Canan Mendes Aytekin

“LSG Sky Chefs is a very dynamic company and quality is vital to our reputation.”

MENDES AYTEKIN, CANANCanan studied food engineering at the Ege University of Izmir and has extensive experience in the food industry. She joined LSG Sky Chefs in 2008 and has been Quality Director Europe Region since 2011. Her main objective is to ensure compliance with EU legislation and the company’s own strict standards.

How did your career get started and how has it been working for LSG Sky Chefs?

I started my career as a food engineer and several years in the food industry gave me a broad business background. Then in 2008 I had the opportunity to work for LSG Sky Chefs as a Quality Director in Turkey. But I was not only responsible for quality. Project management, corporate audits and Lean management have also been part of my daily tasks. LSG Sky Chefs has given me a great chance to use my experience, learn and gain knowledge from different departments

What persuaded you back then to work for LSG Sky Chefs?

The food companies I used to work for were just focused on products. LSG Sky Chefs does much more. Day after day we have to cater for the different needs of different airlines and they’re constantly changing their specifications. Additionally, we provide a broad range of other services to our customers, like aircraft loading. So it’s much more than just offering products. This creates a very dynamic environment, which is what makes working for LSG Sky Chefs so exciting and challenging.

What is the work of a Quality Director like? What challenges you?

I’m responsible for ensuring that we always comply with food regulations across Europe and our own strict quality standards across the company.  And I am also responsible for aviation security. Quality is vital to our reputation! So we have to look after not just our passenger’s tastes, but their health and safety, too. I’m also involved in supporting and training staff in our quality control procedures and making sure that our quality control itself is up to standard. Therefore, I often travel to different destinations and support local units. What I really enjoy about my job is the daily variety. Working with different people from different countries and cultures is always challenging. And the constant change of products, services and customer expectations creates enormous energy within the company.