Analyst Strategy


  • Bachelor’s degree required; Master’s degree preferred
  • Strong analytical skills, including prioritization under pressure a must
  • Profound understanding of financial statements
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the airline industry and/or retail market desirable but not required
  • Previous experience developing business plans or similar required
  • Strong organizational, communication and/or project management skills required
  • Self-directed, detail-oriented and hands-on individual
  • Ability to build successful, collaborative internal relationships with all levels of management

Strategy Creation

  • Support annual strategy development with final presentation to the EB, including market analysis, financial projections and narrative of the final strategy documentation
  • Run annual market strategy analysis, including capacity studies
  • As part of the annual strategy creation
    • Support each North America line of business (Airline Catering, Convenience Retail, Solutions) develop their strategy and integrate appropriately
    • Organize suitable forums to create strategy narrative
    • Update market analysis to establish market size and shares
    • Prepare financial projections including required investments and revenues/costs/profits
  • Undertake or support competitor analysis
  • Support Corporate Strategy as neededStrategy Communication – Leadership Forum
  • Support agenda creation and planning of annual NAM leadership conference
  • Help to prepare suitable content and format to communicate key strategic direction for annual NAM leadership conference
  • Communicate through other channels as needed and as decided by RMT

Strategy Execution

  • Strategic Program Management
  • Support follow-up on strategic initiatives and projects for alignment and implementation throughout the year
  • Support alignment of required organization structure, systems and processes
  • Manage creation of a comprehensive (monthly) summary report / dashboard of all projects in the strategic portfolio
  • Support prioritization of initiatives and projects based on value and strategic alignment
  • Manage tracking of project results to identify opportunities, issues and risks
  • Manage the communication about status of projects and program internally as required
  • Manage the reporting of project results to Corporate Executive Board
  • Promote programs through most suitable channels, e.g. Newsletter
  • Strategic Projects Management
  • Support selected strategic projects to drive restructuring progress, innovation, improvement or transformation objectives and/or medium-long term business growth including M&A
  • For selected strategic projects, establish business plans, typically containing narratives of problem statements, proposed solutions, assumptions complemented by financial projections
  • Establish a detailed integrated project plan for each stage of the project and track progress against that plan
  • Manage, direct and coordinate all project activity with responsibility for delivering the project within specified timeframe and ensuring all deliverables/resources are optimized to achieve project requirements; track and analyze accordingly
  • Drive change management surrounding project solutions throughout the organization


  • Ensure that the area of responsibility is properly organized
  • Guide, motivate and develop stakeholders to support effective implementation of initiatives
  • Plan, implement and control resource utilization with consideration of sufficient ROI (e.g. project budget)

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