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Onboard Retail

Onboard retail – added value for you and your passengers.

Every airline wants to increase ancillary revenue, reduce costs and satisfy passengers. LSG Sky Chefs’ onboard retail programs do just that. Every program is built around your individual needs, and based on your brand, your passengers, your routes and any other relevant criteria. Our services include selecting the right product mix, menu planning, procurement, packaging design and cabin-crew sales training.

Of course, retail programs need the right technology to maximize sales, save time and money and streamline operations. That’s why we partner with Retail inMotion, a leading retail technology provider. We can offer end-to-end retail IT solutions that let you manage all aspects of the inflight supply chain – from product design and sourcing to procurement, warehousing and inventory management to marketing and sales management – from a single easy-to-understand platform.

Working together since 2013, we are a solid team with experience in many joint projects. To find out more about Retail inMotion, visit