Cleaning & Facility Management

Cleaning & Facility Management

Behind the Scenes: 24 Hours at Your Service

Cleaning services: Get the first impression right with a clean and tidy lounge area. We take care of the procurement, coordination and monitoring of a professional cleaning service who work with discretion and a passion for cleanliness. They make sure every surface shines at all times. Cleaning services for carpets, parquet floors and ventilation systems are also part of our portfolio and we can handle flower and plant care, too.

Bathroom/Showers: Our cleaning personnel will keep your bathrooms in spotless condition during lounge hours. We can also stock them with shower gel, towels and other necessary supplies. An ironing service is available as well.

Night cleaning: After closing, the cleaning team works on the pantry, vacuuming or shampooing carpets, mopping, arranging chairs and tables and cleaning the windows. By morning, everything is in tip-top shape and ready for business.

Waste disposal: We take care of disposing the waste multiple times a day. Sorted beforehand by the staff, it is then added to the individual recycling flows.

Facility Management: We can provide maintenance services to independently carry out minor repairs, such as exchanging light bulbs, etc.

Coordination: We’re all at the mercy of machinery that can sometimes break. Let us handle your repair contracts for any technical equipment at the lounge, such as electrical appliances and other devices.

Service management: Quality control and monitoring are part of our daily operations. We will gladly take on the service management in the lounges for you.