Innovation & Consulting

Combining consumer insight with a structured approach to drive innovation.

Innovation and Consulting

Who are your passengers? What makes them happy? Why should they fly with you? Our airline-consulting services can help you answer these critical questions by working with you to extract your specific passenger profiles and the trends that apply to them from the sea of data available. By making sense of consumer needs and bringing them together with your brand, we can translate them into relevant and successful inflight concepts.

To do this, we follow a structured approach to identifying, developing and implementing innovations. We analyze all passenger touchpoints, not only inflight, but over the whole journey – from reservation to destination and beyond. This creates a seamless brand experience for the passenger and increases awareness of the customer services available.

Why work with us?

  • make sense of consumer data and translate it into workable inflight concepts that passengers love
  • design a tailor-made brand experience to enhance your passengers' entire journey
  • differentiate yourself from competitors with innovative, future-oriented inflight concepts
  • create all-encompassing concepts with input from experts in food, service, equipment, logistics and design
  • involve crew and inflight managers in the creation of new ideas, making roll-outs easier and more successful