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Customized Rail Catering Concepts

LSG Sky Chefs has been specializing in rail services for over a decade. We offer train customers a wide range of products and services, from logistics to fine dining, and even uniforms. Our concepts are designed to delight passengers and ensure seamless, smooth train travel for passengers and service personnel.

We work with you to create quality, customized train-catering services that showcase your brand and enhance the passenger experience. By considering the whole journey – from reservation to destination — we help you present a consistent brand image that maximizes opportunities at all passenger touchpoints. We are the one-stop shop for all rail-catering needs, from concept creation and food preparation to clean-up and post-consumption management. Every concept is designed to be flexible to fit the specific operations. Our concepts are prepared using a streamlined, cost-effective process, which makes them a great choice for economy-class train-catering services and low-cost train companies. However, we also create upmarket versions to satisfy premium-class appetites.

Reasons to work with us

  • Create memorable, inspiring and innovative onboard concepts that engage passengers
  • Offer passengers good-tasting, appealing and high-quality meals and snacks created by our award-winning culinary experts
  • Choose from a full range of products and custom-designed menus
  • Uncover hidden opportunities, generate revenue, add value and increase brand loyalty and customer satisfaction
  • Benefit from our in-depth knowledge gained over 70 years in the in-flight services industry.

Indulge your premium passengers

You can rely on our chefs to design high-end menus to please your most discerning passengers in premium classes. These dishes and menus are developed based on the latest food trends and passenger insight, hand-in-hand with your brand essence and the regional influences. Welcome your guests onboard with well-trained staff, hot towels and a glass of champagne, for example, followed by a signature meal designed especially for you. We have proven success in introducing premium concepts that enhance passengers’ journeys and have led to significant increases in passenger satisfaction.

Providing motivated and service-oriented crews

Having the ideal products for the target audience onboard is just one part of the puzzle when creating successful concepts. To make sure those products reach the passengers and provide the best experience requires a well-trained crew. Our personnel management programs ensure that your concepts achieve their full potential. From recruiting, through to training, as well as performance management and incentive systems, we make sure crews are prepared for their roles onboard and deliver their best. To top if off, we even design and provide crew uniforms.

Our crews are mainly onboard to carry out catering services, but we can also offer them for other reasons, for example, one of our colleagues is responsible for children’s activities onboard our customer’s long distance service.

Efficient logistics, which benefit your concepts

To make the most of your budgets, our logistics processes are set up to be as efficient as possible. We provide warehousing, pick and pack, and last-mile logistics to not only keep costs down, but also to ensure product availability onboard and heightened passenger satisfaction. To keep waste and damages to a minimum, we also offer waste management and optimized storage solutions onboard.

Work with us to delight your passengers and customers with a new level of culinary and hospitality experience.

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