Halal Food


Understanding and respecting Halal, all over the world

As a global, multi-cultural organization, we are sensitive to the special concerns of your Muslim customers, particularly with respect to dietary laws. We have extensive experience in setting up and running Halal production facilities around the globe. These range from large-scale units, producing thousands of meals per day, to medium and small kitchens. All these facilities have a well-trained staff that is versed and competent in Halal food preparation in accordance with our Corporate Halal Policy and Manual.

We work with qualified partners for Halal certification services for our worldwide facilities as well as for comprehensive training and consultation. The strict certification process includes:

  • Halal ingredients
  • Detailed audits of kitchen areas
  • Detailed audits of suppliers
  • Comprehensive training
  • Consultation services

We also have Halal culinary centers at various locations throughout our organization, responsible for disseminating expertise throughout our network. Where possible, we have ongoing cooperation with local Islamic organizations as well.