Catering Quality

Catering Quality

Global Quality System – ensuring catering quality and food safety

We understand how important the safety and quality of our catering is to our customers, because these are of paramount importance to us too. To make sure our commitment never wavers, we constantly monitor ourselves through LSG Sky Chefs’ longstanding Global Quality System (GQS). It ensures optimal performance and consistency in four critical areas:

  •    Customer satisfaction
  •    On-time and safety performance
  •    Product and process quality
  •    Food safety and aviation security

We developed, and continually improve this system to maintain our exacting standards along the entire supply chain. It adheres to the strictest criteria of safety and performance while incorporating quality assessment and feedback into our production processes.

Quality Managers and dedicated experts at all of our worldwide locations conduct regular inspections using the GQS. To further safeguard the integrity of our processes, these are also checked and verified through a series of audits, some of which are conducted unannounced by external institutes, state and local authorities, customers and third-party vendors.

Little wonder then that our catering quality and food safety have received numerous commendations from our customers and other parties, including the Medina Quality Awards. To see all of our awards, click here.