Culinary Excellence

Combining a passion for food with the science of production

Culinary Excellence is at the heart of what the LSG Group does. Through our global Culinary Excellence network, with hundreds of top chefs from more than 50 countries, we are able to offer high-quality culinary experiences every day and everywhere.

Our Culinary Excellence team works closely together, sharing know-how and developing new trends in cuisine, food-production technology, food presentation and packaging design. Our internationally-trained chefs are innovation leaders with a finger on the pulse of local trends, ingredients and flavors. It’s thanks to them that we design menus with quality, detail and authenticity according to each of our customers’ individual needs.

Regardless of which or how many of our services you want, you will have access to the LSG Group’s Culinary Excellence network and the benefits it offers.

With a team of specialists, we work hand-in-hand with our customers on a number of key activities:

  • Translating your strategies into value-adding catering concepts
  • Benchmarking with your competitors to ensure products are “on brand”
  • Trend-spotting, e.g. of new dishes, designs, packaging
  • Developing products that capitalize on new trends
  • Organizing culinary workshops to share the latest market intelligence
  • Implementing special programs such as Celebrity Chefs’ menus