Quality and Operational Compliance Policy

A commitment we’re proud of

The LSG Group has developed a very structured and expansive approach to operational activities. Our Quality and Operational Compliance Policy clearly states the company’s commitment to producing the highest quality in our operations and adhering to the strictest standards in our industry. We’re so proud of our commitment that we prominently display this policy in all our Customer Service Centers (CSCs) for every employee, customer and visitor to see.

Key points include:

  • Product and Service Quality: We provide excellent food at a consistent and highest quality level, delivered with world-class service, on time and at the best value for money on a global scale.
  • Food Safety: We are committed to providing safe food to our customers in every area of the business, following clearly defined standards and guidelines.
  • Special Customer Requirements: We work to consistently offer quality solutions that fulfill the required cultural, religious (for example, halal) and special dietary needs of our customers.
  • Security: We protect our business operations and assets around the globe to ensure the security of our employees and customers.
  • Employee Safety & Ramp Safety: We provide and maintain a safe working environment for all employees, and strive to mitigate and control any risks in the workplace.
  • Environment: We endeavor to prevent pollution, minimize our environmental footprint and be mindful of the way we use our resources.

With policy set globally, we then act locally. Members in each of our regions implement the most appropriate measures in their location, taking into account the facility set-up, the region, topography, climate, etc.

Quality and Operational Compliance Policy (pdf)