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A company that cares… about its customers, its products and the world we live in.

Why work with us

When you choose LSG Group, you get more than just our extensive catalog of products and services at the best possible value. You also get a partner with longstanding experience and skill, advanced market intelligence and a proven track record that demonstrates an ethical commitment to our customers, their customers and the planet at large.

Specific benefits include:

  • Culinary excellence: At the heart of LSG Group, the global Culinary Excellence network, with hundreds of top chefs from more than 50 countries, provides top-quality culinary experiences every day and everywhere.
  • Commitment to quality: Continuous inspection and monitoring ensures the products and services we provide meet and exceed all expectations in terms of quality, efficiency, reliability, durability and, most important of all, safety.
  • Cutting-edge operations: Take advantage of the cutting-edge of production capability. We continually develop new techniques and solutions to further increase productivity and efficiency.
  • Advanced consumer insight: Want to know what your customers are thinking? LSG Group listens to consumers, carries out market research and monitors global trends as they emerge.
  • Social responsibility: In LSG Group, you'll find a partner that keeps a watchful eye on the environment, promotes diversity within a safe and fair workplace, and emphasizes ethics and transparency in all of our business activities.
  • Award-winning: You don't need to just take our word for it. From the prestigious Medina Quality Award for our food to the “Good Design” Award for onboard equipment, LSG Group constantly receives recognition from independent organizations and the people who count most – our customers.