ZKF History

LSG Group has a long history, especially in the airline catering sector.

Check out the highlights of our history…

  • Retail inMotion Extends Contract With Long-Term Partner Spirit Airlines

    The onboard-retail expert also extends its contract with Spirit Airlines for an additional three years. RiM has been managing their fully-outsourced onboard-retail program since 2014.

  • Cathay Dragon Contract Extension At Hong Kong Hub

    Cathay Dragon extends its catering contract with LSG Sky Chefs in Hong Kong for an additional seven years. The company has been working with the Cathay Pacific Airways-owned carrier since 1985. Cathay Dragon offers complimentary dining services onboard.

  • Partnership With Etihad Airways

    Another collaboration sees RiM become Etihad Airways’ onboard retail partner with sights set on innovating the airline’s inflight experience and offering a unique concept of greater personalization and choice to their guests. It includes the development and management of the Etihad market-leading Boutique Duty- Free Program.

  • Retail inMotion, Eurowings And METRO AG Team Up To Bring Innovative Products Onboard

    RiM forms a partnership with Eurowings and NX-FOOD, an innovation-driving hub of METRO, to bring new products and food solutions to passengers on board Eurowings flights beginning in August.

  • “EverTaste”: New Expert Brand For Packaged Products Launched

    Evertaste is launched at the WTCE in Hamburg as the new brand for packaged products and convenience-food solutions for airline, train and retail customers. With its full range of ready-to-eat products (covering bakery products, hot meals, pre-packaged salads, boxed meals, desserts, snacks, sandwiches and wraps), Evertaste offers creative food solutions made under the highest global quality standards in any temperature range.

  • Completion Of The LSG Group Brand Identity

    The LSG Group Brand Identity is completed. It includes four portfolio components, with LSG Group as the integrator brand: Catering and Hospitality Services (LSG Sky Chefs), Packaged Products (Evertaste, after its launch in April), Onboard Retail (Retail inMotion) and Equipment Solutions (SPIRIANT). There are also the regional brands SCIS and Ringeltaube and the joint venture SkylogistiX. Each of those businesses are present in their respective markets with unique competencies that when brought together support customers in creating holistic consumer experiences. The combined offer is summarized in a new claim: “Connecting Experts. Creating Experiences.”

  • LSG Sky Chefs Extends Joint Venture in Luanda, Angola

    LSG Sky Chefs TAAG Angola Catering S.A., a joint venture between LSG Sky Chefs, TAAG Angola Airlines, Angola Air Catering and Luanda Airport (ENANA), is extended for an additional three years.

  • LSG Sky Chefs Awarded Global Contract Extension With United

    The catering contract with United Airlines is extended. It covers 24 locations worldwide (including a new one: Amsterdam, which is launched in June), making LSG Sky Chefs the largest provider of catering services for United. This new agreement is in addition to the current existing business of 21 locations already serviced. That takes the total number of locations serviced worldwide to 45 cities with more than 900 flights per day.

  • Retail inMotion Partners with SWISS

    Retail inMotion (RiM) enters into a partnership with Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) for the development and management of SWISS Saveurs, a new onboard ordering concept on short and mid-haul flights from their base in Geneva, Switzerland. As part of the partnership, the airline implements RiM’s proprietary software, Vector In-Flight, in order to capture and process sales onboard. RiM assumes financial responsibility for the airline’s onboard retail program, too.

  • LSG Group Takes Its Culinary Excellence To Space

    Culinary Excellence: The Global Culinary Excellence team develops a “bonus food” menu especially prepared for consumption in space by Alexander Gerst, a European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut and International Space Station (ISS) commander during the “Horizons” mission.

  • SPIRIANT’s Premium Etagere Wins iF Design Award

    SPIRIANT wins the prestigious iF Design Award for its premium dining ware concept, Étagère. The fine bone china dining set is unique in its marriage of versatility and aesthetics, focusing on giving premium-class passengers a truly exclusive moment onboard.

  • Establishment of Regional Production Centers

    The Supervisory Board of LSG Lufthansa Service Holding AG (LSG Holding) approves the establishment of two Regional Production Centers (RPCs) as the next step in the effort to centralize production and logistics in Europe. The facilities are expected to be fully operational by the year 2020.

  • Establishment of Airline Catering Association

    The LSG Group becomes a founding member of the Airline Catering Association (ACA), in collaboration with dnata, Do&Co, gategroup and Newrest. The ACA aims to represent and promote the common interests of the airline-catering industry in matters related to, among others, food, health and safety issues, environmental concerns and taxation affairs. LSG Group CEO Erdmann Rauer is named president of the association’s Strategic Committee.

  • Retail inMotion furthers global expansion in Brazil

    Retail inMotion, the LSG Group’s onboard retail specialist further expands globally by opening a new office Sao Paulo, Brazil.

  • Aer Lingus fully outsources to Retail inMotion

    Aer Lingus chooses Retail inMotion as their retail expert, partnering with the airline in onboard retail and duty-free range selection and management, crew training and the optimization of the airline’s onboard-retail program.

  • Joint venture in Cairo, Egypt extended

    The LSG Sky Chefs Catering Egypt joint venture in Cairo has been extended for another seven years. Cairo was the first LSG Sky Chefs catering unit outside of Germany when it was established in 1978.

  • TGV France-Italie joins our network

    TGV France-Italie is another new customer in the train segment. The LSG Group takes over the catering of the service between Paris and Milan in January 2018.

  • Ufa, Russia joins our network

    Within the framework of the joint venture with Aeroflot, Aeromar, LSG Sky Chefs enters the Ufa (UFA) market assuming responsibility for the upgrading and management of an existing catering facility.

  • "Project Green" launches in partnership with Air New Zealand

    The catering facility in Auckland teams up with Air New Zealand and the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) to tackle inflight waste from international services arriving in Auckland. The “Project Green” waste-reduction initiative is expected to divert 150 tons of waste from landfill annually.

  • Contract extension with Alaska Airlines

    LSG Sky Chefs extends its system-wide contract with Alaska Airlines (AS), covering 40 airports in the United States and Mexico with an average of 3,100 flights per week.

  • Retail inMotion extends major contract with American Airlines

    American Airlines extends its long-time contract with Retail inMotion, covering the provision of proprietary onboard retail software solutions for the airline’s 25,000 flight attendants.

  • The LSG Group enters new partnership with GOL

    The LSG Group now caters for all national and international GOL flights departing São Paulo International Airport – which accounts for more than 100 flights/day.

  • Joint-venture in Chengdu, China extended

    The joint venture contract with Sichuan Airlines in Chengdu, China, is extended for a period of 20 years, culminating in 2037. Sichuan Airlines LSG Catering Ltd. was founded in 2000 in order to provide catering services at the Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport (CTU), the major international airport in China’s Sichuan Province (southwestern China).

  • Lufthansa contract renewed in Germany

    The LSG Group renews its contract with Lufthansa for catering and equipment services in Germany. LSG Sky Chefs and SPIRIANT supply some 695 Lufthansa flights departing Germany every day.

  • TGV Lyria has hopped aboard

    The LSG Group Train team acquires TGV Lyria, which connects Paris with four cities in Switzerland (Zurich, Bern, Lausanne and Geneva) as new customer. The contract covers some 14,000 train connections per year and includes the development of a new service concept which is introduced in December 2017.

  • Agreement with AAS Catering in Osaka, Japan

    The company signs an agreement with Osaka-based AAS Catering to provide technical assistance services for their inflight catering business at Kansai Airport.

  • Handover of operations to Finnair

    LSG Sky Chefs transfers the airline catering operations back to Finnair. The airline’s contracts with  the LSG Group companies SPIRIANT, SkylogistiX, LSG-Sky Food and Oakfield Farms  remain in effect. The LSG Group also maintains a presence in Finland in order to serve the convenience-retail market.

  • SPIRIANT, Lufthansa and Jacob Jensen win TravelPlus Award

    SPIRIANT is awarded the prestigious TravelPlus Award for the design of a First Class Lufthansa gentleman’s amenity kit, created by the iconic Jacob Jensen Design studio.

  • SPIRIANT is "Supplier of the Year"

    TravelPlus recognizes SPIRIANT as “Supplier of the Year” for their highly-acclaimed amenity kits.

  • Start-up of central production in the Czech Republic

    LSG Sky Chefs starts up a pilot facility to test the potential centralization of food production and tray setup in Europe. The pilot facility is located in an industrial park in the town of Bor, Czech Republic.

  • The LSG Group supports ongoing transformation

    The LSG Group demonstrates its integrated approach towards dealing with our industry’s transformation and our individual brand competencies under the overarching slogan “FROM changing demands TO adapted solutions” at the annual World Travel Catering & Onboard Services Expo (WTCE)

  • Partnership extension with Eurowings

    Retail inMotion and Eurowings extend their longstandig partnership for another three years. The scope of the contract includes fully outsourced retail management for all Eurowings’ stations across Europe.

  • Bogota, Colombia receives QSAI Gold Medal for the Americas

    The Munich CSC receives the QSAI Silver Medal for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), while the LSG/Goddard joint-venture locations in Bogota, Colombia, and Antigua & Barbuda receive Gold and Silver respectively for the Americas.

  • Retail inMotion introduces new service model for LATAM

    A new onboard-retail concept for LATAM Airlines Group in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru is developed and launched by Retail inMotion. This business positions the company as the onboard retail market leader in Latin America.

  • SPIRIANT and Czech Airlines extend contract

    The LSG Group’s equipment design and procurement experts at SPIRIANT extend their contract with Czech Airlines, covering the supply of most of CSA’s in-flight product portfolio, encompassing approximately 120 items.

  • Global partnership agreement with Etihad Airways

    The LSG Group enters into a global catering agreement with Etihad Airways, which includes the provision of catering services in 16 cities in Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas. This makes the LSG Group (LSG) the largest provider of catering services to the UAE’s national airline outside its Abu Dhabi home base.

  • Retail inMotion opens a new office in the USA

    Retail inMotion, the LSG Group’s onboard retail specialist expands globally by opening a new office in Dallas, Texas (USA).

  • LSG Sky Chefs extends joint-venture in Hangzhou, China

    The company extends its joint-venture agreement with its partners Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport Co., Ltd and Hangzhou Airport Cargo Terminal Co., Ltd by another 10-year term running through June 2026.

  • New facility opens in Santiago, Chile

    The LSG Group officially opens its newly built facility in Santiago, Chile (SCL). The customer service center replaces the original one that was in operation for almost 50 years and dated back to the company’s entry in this market in 1968.

  • SPIRIANT wins TravelPlus Award

    SPIRIANT wins TravelPlus Award

    SPIRIANT is honored with the award for the best male first-class amenity kit at the TravelPlus Airline Amenity Bag Awards (travelplusawards.com) ceremony. The winning kit was designed in collaboration with the famous Bogner German fashion label. It is the first time that a European airline has won in this category.

  • WTCE 2016 - Strengthening Consumer Focus

    WTCE 2016 - Strengthening Consumer Focus

    The LSG Group presents its consumer-focused portfolio at the World Travel Catering & Onboard Services Expo (WTCE). Under the overarching slogan “WHEN partners MEET passenger needs”, the company continues to build on its consumer-insight theme and take guests on different “journeys” representing specific travel segments.

  • QSAI recognizes our Munich facility as world's best

    Our facilities in Munich and Buenos Aires were recognized once again at the QSAI (Quality and Safety Alliance In-flight Catering Program) awards. For the second year in a row, Munich was award the Platinum Medal for Best Worldwide Catering Facility. Our facility in Buenos Aires was awarded Silver Medal for catering facilities in the Americas.

  • New SPIRIANT office opens in Hong Kong

    New SPIRIANT office opens in Hong Kong

    SPIRIANT, LSG Group’s equipment design and procurement subsidiary, opens a new office in Hong Kong. The new team serves as a regional competence center for SPIRIANT’s customers worldwide.

  • Introduction of LSG Group Brand

    Introduction of LSG Group Brand

    LSG Group unveils a new “LSG Group” brand which represents the company’s integrated approach to the industry and elevates the contribution of all its group brands.

  • Retail inMotion/Media inMotion officially part of LSG Group

    The LSG Group acquires the remaining shares in Retail inMotion (RIM) and full ownership of Media inMotion, located in Dublin, Ireland. The company focusses on the increasingly important on-board-retail business.

  • New facility opens in Chicago

    New facility opens in Chicago

    A new Customer Service Center (CSC) opens in the immediate vicinity of Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, mainly serving hub-carrier United Airlines. They also service Alaska Airlines, Copa Airlines, Delta Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Spirit Airlines and Virgin America.

  • Key JV extended

    Key JV extended

    An agreement with Goddard Enterprises Ltd. (Goddard) is signed, extending the existing joint-venture (JV) contract until September 30, 2035. The JV was founded in 1995 and today it comprises 21 locations throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

  • Retail inMotion (RIM) Acquired

    Retail inMotion (RIM) Acquired

    LSG Sky Chefs acquires the remaining shares in Retail inMotion (RIM) and full ownership of Media inMotion. The company concentrates on the increasingly important onboard-retail business.

  • Business expansion with Circle K

    New business with convenience-retail chain Circle K is acquired in the U.S., covering the Phoenix, Arizona, and Santa Ana, California, markets.

  • Management of Lufthansa lounges at JFK launched

    Management of Lufthansa lounges at JFK launched

    Subsidiary LSG Sky Chefs Lounge GmbH (LLG) begins managing the Lufthansa lounges at New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport.

  • Presence in Myanmar extended

    The company’s concession and license agreement at Yangon Mingaladon Airport (RGN) is extended by another five years. LSG Sky Chefs has been operating there since 1999.

  • DB cooperation continued

    DB cooperation continued

    Cooperation with Deutsche Bahn (DB) is extended with the introduction of the new Intercity 2. LSG Sky Chefs is responsible for serving passengers directly at their seats with a selection of freshly baked goods, sweet and salty snacks, as well as hot and cold drinks.

  • New business with Virgin Trains

    New business with Virgin Trains

    In the UK, the company (through subsidiary Oakfield Farm Solutions Europe) acquires the Virgin Trains business with an ambient snack-box concept. The trains connect major cities like London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

  • Chinese retail-market entry

    A new contract with Starbucks marks the company’s entry into the Chinese convenience-retail market. A new range of products becomes available at 60-plus Starbucks stores around Beijing, Chengdu and Qingdao.

  • New Zealand CSC officially opens

    LSG Sky Chefs’ newly built CSC in Auckland officially celebrates its grand opening following the move of their operations into the new facility in late 2014.

  • New facility opens in Tampa

    New facility opens in Tampa

    A new state-of-the-art Customer Service Center (CSC) opens in Tampa, Florida, USA, covering an area of approximately 30,000 square feet (27,000 square meters).

  • WTCE 2015 - New approach unveiled

    At the annual World Travel Catering & Onboard Services Expo (WTCE), the LSG Group unveils a new approach to airline catering that presents an integrated portfolio of products and services across all aspects of the travel chain, customized to individual passenger lifestyles and needs.



    SPIRIANT is recognized with the GOOD DESIGN award for their Lufthansa Premium Economy Class tableware.

  • Qantas chooses SPIRIANT

    Inflight equipment subsidiary SPIRIANT partners with Qantas to enhance their new dining experience for Economy Class.

  • Sofia joint venture

    Sofia joint venture

    Silver Wings, a new joint venture launched with Bulgaria Air Group and Alpha Group / Dnata in Sofia. Silver Wings is housed in a newly built 2,500 square-meter facility with capacity to produce up to 6,000 meals per day.

  • iDTGV services kick off

    Contract began for supplying onboard services and crew management for iDTGV’s high-speed train network in France – in cooperation with French coffee-shop chain Columbus Café & Co.

  • Entry into Japan

    Entry into Japan

    With the acquisition of 20 percent of Cosmo Enterprise Co. Ltd., LSG Sky Chefs entered the Japanese market. The agreement with Japan Airport Terminal Co. Ltd. included catering facilities at Tokyo’s Narita (NRT) and Haneda (HND) international airports.

  • InnoTrans 2014

    LSG Sky Chefs showcased its portfolio at InnoTrans, the leading transport technology trade fair in Berlin. Two major new contracts with European high-speed train operators were announced during the trade show.

  • Busan facility opens

    Busan facility opens

    A 1,350 square-meter facility opened at the Busan (PUS) Airport in South Korea. Busan is the country’s second-largest city.


  • LSG Sky Chefs Celebrates Frozen Food Milestone

    LSG Sky Chefs Celebrates Frozen Food Milestone

    LSG Sky Chefs’ frozen food facility in Alzey, Germany celebrates its 20th anniversary. The facility produces 35 million meals a year for airlines, canteens and retail outlets in Europe.

  • Chinese joint venture

    Chinese joint venture

    A new joint venture facility opens at Nanjing Lukou International Airport. The 5,000 square-meter unit can produce up to 20,000 meals per day.

  • China joint venture launched

    China joint venture launched

    A joint venture with the Wenzhou Airport Group in China launched. Wenzhou (WNZ) handled more than five million passengers in 2013. The contract runs for 25 years.

  • New SPIRIANT Middle-East office

    New SPIRIANT Middle-East office

    SPIRIANT opened a branch office in the Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZ), connecting Middle Eastern and African airlines with one of the world’s leading inflight service equipment providers.

  • New facility opened at PTY

    New facility opened at PTY

    A new facility opens at Panama’s Tocumen International Airport (PTY). The kitchen is double the size of the previous one and is equipped with the most modern equipment in the industry today.

  • SPIRIANT honored

    Equipment and logistics subsidiary SPIRIANT honored with the “Good Design” award in Chicago for its SLOT tray and tableware, Lufthansa’s bread basket and salt & pepper shakers, and Air Berlin’s Gourmet Box.


  • New facility in Panama City

    New facility in Panama City

    A new facility opened at Panama’s Tocumen International Airport (PTY). The kitchen is double the size of the previous one and fitted with the latest equipment.

  • Full ownership of OFS

    LSG Sky Chefs acquired Oakfield Farms Solutions (OFS), a one-stop shop for shelf-stable meal-box solutions

  • Enhancing culinary excellence

    Enhancing culinary excellence

    A Culinary Research & Development Center opened in Alzey, Germany.

  • New Russian facilities

    New Russian facilities

    A new joint-venture facility opened in Chelyabinsk followed by a new catering operation at Moscow-Domodedovo. LSG Sky Chefs now has facilities at all three of Moscow’s major airports.

  • Alleo deal clinched

    LSG Sky Chefs won the onboard catering contract for Alleo, a joint venture between German train operator Deutsche Bahn (DB) and the French SNCF

  • SNCF and Eurostar contracts

    Our train division began supplying both SNCF (French network) and Eurostar’s high-speed trains at Brussels’ Midi station.

  • New Zealand begins new era

    New Zealand begins new era

    The ground-breaking ceremony for LSG Sky Chefs’ future state-of-the-art catering facility in Auckland marks the start of a new era of partnership with Air New Zealand.

  • SPIRIANT unveiled

    SPIRIANT unveiled

    The company’s equipment business was re-launched as SPIRIANT at the World Travel Catering Expo (WTCE). SPIRIANT has more than 20 years of experience in the sourcing, design and development of onboard equipment.

  • Strategic partnership launch with RIM

    Strategic partnership launch with RIM

    An exclusive strategic partnership with Irish company Retail in Motion (RIM) to offer end-to-end in-flight retail management solutions.

  • Vladivostok catering facility

    LSG Sky Chefs entered the airline-catering market in Vladivostok (VVO), Russia in a joint venture with Aeroflot, with Aeromar managing the operation.

  • Novosibirsk catering operation

    LSG Sky Chefs signed a joint-venture agreement with airport-operator Novaport to manage an in-flight catering facility at Novosibirsk International Airport (OVB), Russia.

  • Finnair Catering Oy agreement

    Finnair Catering Oy agreement

    Finnair and LSG Sky Chefs signed a five-year partnership agreement with LSG Sky Chefs assuming full managerial and operational responsibility for the inflight and catering-service provider Finnair Catering Oy, based in Helsinki.

  • New facility in Angola

    In June the LSG Sky Chefs TAAG Angola Catering S.A. catering facility opened at Luanda International Airport, Angola in a joint venture with TAAG Angola Airlines, Angola Air Catering and the Luanda airport

  • New facility at Kunming Changshui

    On June 8, a new catering facility opened at the new Kunming Changshui International Airport (KMG), China, in a a joint venture with China Eastern Air Catering Investment Group. The facility covers 16,000 square meters and can produce up to 50,000 meals a day.

  • IFS status for LSG Sky Food

    Frozen food subsidiary LSG Sky Food GmbH earned the International Food Standard (IFS) quality seal from TÜV Süd Management Service. The IFS is an internationally-recognized standard for auditing food safety, processes and product quality.

  • St. Petersburg joint venture

    In January, the company enters the airline catering market in St. Petersburg (LED), Russia, through joint venture Aeromar.

  • Train catering move

    A new train-catering contract signed in December with “Thello” (Paris-Venice night service) to provide catering services as well as material, handling, laundry, management of cabin cleaning and on-board ticketing

  • Norris Food Services acquired

    In November, LSG Sky Chefs acquired Norris Food Services, a privately-held retail supplier and distributor of fresh sandwiches, salads and wraps on the US east coast.

  • LSG Sky Chefs Deutschland restructured

    On July 1, LSG Sky Chefs Deutschland GmbH was transformed into a management company and 12 operating companies with limited liability status (GmbH).

  • LSG Sky Chefs’ 10th anniversary

    LSG Sky Chefs celebrated the 10th anniversary of the integration of the two international airline caterers, LSG and Sky Chefs, in 2001. Both companies had already been jointly promoting products and services under the common brand name “LSG Sky Chefs”since 1993.

  • Back in Chicago

    LSG Sky Chefs re-entered the Chicago market in mid-June, supplying complete catering services from a new location at O’Hare International Airport.

  • Swiss joint venture

    Establishment of “LSG Sky Chefs/First Catering Schweiz AG” as a joint venture between LSG Sky Chefs and First Catering Produktion AG in April.

  • Nanjing Lukou International Airport agreement extended

    In February, the joint-venture agreement with partner Nanjing Lukou International Airport, Jangsu was extended ahead of time by 15 years.

  • Global Travel Catering Distinction Award

    LSG Sky Chefs won the Global Travel Catering Distinction Award 2010, which is given annually by the PAX International trade publication based on readers’ votes.

  • LSG Sky Chefs Asia-Pacific 20th anniversary

    The LSG Sky Chefs Asia-Pacific region celebrated its 20th anniversary. What started with the purchase of Hong Kong-based Dairy Farm Catering Services in 1990 is now a 10,000-strong workforce with 40 CSCs providing airlines with over 350,000 meals per day.

  • Starfood Antalya launched

    In Turkey, LSG Sky Chefs established a new joint venture, Starfood Antalya – the first industrial supplier of convenience food, bakery products and processed fruits and vegetables in the country.

  • Quantum trolley approved

    Quantum, the new lightweight trolley jointly developed by LSG Sky Chefs and Norduyn, received TSO C175 airworthiness certification allowing it to be used by airlines worldwide. It was also awarded the Crystal Cabin Award 2010 at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg as the most innovative aircraft cabin product in the Greener Cabin, Health and Safety category.

  • PAX Global Travel Catering Distinction Award

    PAX Global Travel Catering Distinction Award

    LSG Sky Chefs won the Global Travel Catering Distinction Award 2010, which is given annually by the PAX International trade publication based on readers’ votes.

  • Expansion into Asia Pacific buy-on-board market

    LSG Sky Chefs In-Flight Logistics Asia Pacific Ltd. signed a memorandum of understanding with Formia, a Hong Kong-based provider of cosmetics, amenities and on-board accessories.

  • In-flight equipment design awards

    • Red Dot awarded LSG Sky Chefs with the prestigious “reddot: best of the best 2009” for the Lufthansa Economy Class equipment design.
    • The equipment design team at LSG Sky Chefs won the “Observeur du design” award for the new Corsairfly tray-set design.

  • New generation trolleys

    LSG Sky Chefs and Norduyn entered into a partnership for the development and commercialization of light-weight, thermally-efficient trolleys.

  • LSG Sky Chefs strengthened hold on Brazil

    LSG Sky Chefs’ leading position in the Brazilian market strengthened with the acquisition of majority stakes (70 percent) in facilities in Fortaleza, Natal and Belém.

  • Canadian operations expanded

    LSG Sky Chefs acquired the majority stake in CLS Catering Services Ltd., Canada. The joint venture with Caterwell One (Netherlands) B.V., a subsidiary of Cathay Pacific Catering Services operating facilities in Vancouver (YVR) and Toronto (YYZ).

  • Europe’s largest catering facility opened in Frankfurt

    Europe’s largest catering facility with capacity for up to 77,000 meals for over 50,000 passengers per day opened on June 19 at Frankfurt Airport, Germany

  • Winter Olympics catering

    AviaPit in Sochi, Russia, the sole airline-catering company on site, was integrated into the LSG Sky Chefs network. Sochi hosted the XXII Olympic Winter Games in 2014.

  • LSG Sky Chefs Lounge launched

    LSG Sky Chefs Lounge GmbH founded as a new subsidiary to pursue the international expansion strategy in the airline lounge business, now comprising more than 100 lounges worldwide.

  • Expansion into Baltic States and Ukraine

    Acquisition of the outstanding 46 percent of the shares in AIRO Catering Services Sweden AB (AIRO) from the investment company Oresa Ventures group. AIRO operates four CSCs in Tallinn (Estonia), Riga (Latvia), Vilnius (Lithuania) and Kiev (Ukraine).

  • SkylogistiX launched

    Joint venture with Kuehne + Nagel launched as SkylogistiX, representing the most extensive partnership between an in-flight service provider and a logistics company.

  • Growth in China continued

    • New joint-venture agreement with Eastern Air Catering Investment and Kunming Air Traffic Control Bureau to build a new CSC in Kunming and operate two existing units in Lijiang and Zhongdian
    • Another joint venture formed with HNA Air Catering Holding Co. to establish a new catering facility at Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport and to manage a smaller CSC in Dunhuang

  • Expansion of frozen food and equipment logistics divisions in Asia and US

    • China: start of construction of a new frozen-food plant in Qingdao, Shandong Province and opening of a new equipment sourcing subsidiary in Hong Kong
    • US: establishment of a frozen-food facility in one of the existing CSCs in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  • Investment in growth markets

    Investment in growth markets

    • Eastern Europe: a new joint venture formed in Vilnius, Lithuania
    • India: LSG Sky Chefs signed long-term license agreements with the Bangalore and Hyderabad airports
    • Thailand: A new CSC opened in tandem with the new Asian mega-hub Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi

  • Continued expansion in Russia and China

    • Russia: cooperation with DAS (Domodedovo Air Service) at Moscow-Domodedovo airport with LSG Sky Chefs supporting DAS, a subsidiary of EAST LINE, with management services and personnel.
    • China: joint venture with HNA Air Catering Holding Co Ltd establishing a new catering facility in Urumqi, China.

  • LSG Sky Chefs increased focus on airline catering

    In April, a 75 percent stake in LSG-Hygiene Institute was sold to TÜV Süd, Germany. With this transaction and the sale of LPS Event Catering GmbH (Lufthansa Party Service/LPS) in October, LSG Sky Chefs increased its strategic focus on airline catering.

  • Expansion across Asia and consolidation in North America

    Expansion across Asia and consolidation in North America

    • China: the new CSC at the Sanya, Hainan airport launched as Sanya LSG Air Catering Co Ltd. OK?
    • Nepal: franchise agreement signed with Soaltee Hostel Limited Hostel? to operate Nepal’s only in-flight catering facility.
    • Thailand: LSG Sky Chefs signed a concession agreement for a 20-year catering license at the new Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport, branded as “LSG Sky Chefs (Thailand) Limited.”
    • China: a new CSC at the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport started operations, making it LSG Sky Chefs’ 10th CSC in mainland China. Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport LSG Sky Chefs Co. Ltd. was set up as a joint venture with the Guangzhou Airport (65 percent) and Beijing Hua Zhou Investment Management Co. (5 percent).
    • North America: sale of Chef Solutions convenient meals business in the US; closure of Canadian operations and consolidation of facilities at major airports.

  • LSG Sky Chefs Korea launched

    Korea: acquisition of an 80 percent stake in the catering division of Asiana Airlines at Seoul-Incheon Airport; rebranded as LSG Sky Chefs Korea.

  • Expansion of UK operations

    UK: purchase of the fixed assets of Abela’s airline-catering operations at London-Stansted and London-Gatwick airports as well as their Halal facility at London-Heathrow.

  • Malaysian joint venture

    Malaysia: new joint venture in Malaysia to take over operations of the two former MAS Catering locations in Kuala Lumpur and Penang.

  • Tanzania deal

    Tanzania: deal closed with Inflight Catering Services Ltd. in Dar Es Salaam DETAILS?, expanding the network on the African continent.

  • Belgian operations expanded

    Belgium: acquisition of a CSC in Brussels and finalization of a long-term agreement with SN Brussels Airlines after acquiring the airline’s catering assets.

  • LSG and Sky Chefs merger

    LSG Lufthansa Service Holding AG acquired the remaining shares of Onex Food Services, Sky Chefs’ parent company. The two companies – LSG and Sky Chefs – merged on June 1, 2001.

  • LSG Sky Chefs continued global expansion

    • China: contracted to operate the CSC at the new Hangzhou Airport, a joint venture with Sichuan Airlines.
    • India: opening of the first Indian operation in Bangalore.
    • Italy: acquisition of the remaining shares in the Italian caterer de Montis; name of the business changed to LSG Sky Chefs S.p.A.

  • LSG stake in Sky Chefs increased

    LSG increased ownership in Sky Chefs to 48 percent.

  • LSG and Sky Chefs’ worldwide expansion

    LSG and Sky Chefs expanded their reach even further into new markets around the world, including:

      • Eastern Europe: new locations in Moscow, Russia; Kiev, Ukraine; Riga, Latvia and Tallinn, Estonia.
      • South Africa: the joint venture with Feenagh Investments Ltd. expanded to include locations in Durban and Cape Town.
      • Sweden: joint venture with Top Flight Catering AB.
      • Switzerland: opening of a new customer service center (CSC) at Zurich International Airport.
      • Turkey: joint venture with Sancak Havacilik Hizmetleri A.S., a domestic airline caterer.
      • US: Onex Food Services acquired Ogden Corporation’s airline catering division.

  • Sky Chefs’ parent Onex Food Services bought Caterair

    Sky Chefs’ parent company, Onex Food Services, acquired Caterair International Corp., formerly Marriott In-flite Services. Most acquired operations are branded as LSG Sky Chefs.

  • LSG Lufthansa Service Holding founded

    LSG Lufthansa Service Holding AG founded as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Deutsche Lufthansa AG to serve as the holding company for all LSG activities

  • LSG joint venture in South Africa

    LSG  set up a joint venture in Johannesburg with Feenagh Investments Ltd., a domestic South African airline caterer.

  • LSG and Sky Chefs' continued expansion

    LSG and Sky Chefs continue to expand into new markets through investments, partnerships and agreements, including:

    • Brazil:       Sky Chefs’ investment in Servcater, an airline caterer in São Paulo.
    • Canada:       LSG invested in catering facilities in Canada.
    • Portugal:       Sky Chefs and TAP Portuguese Airlines formed a new joint venture, Catering Por S.A., based in Lisbon.

  • LSG Sky Chefs brand launched

    LSG acquired a minority interest in Sky Chefs and launched a joint-marketing effort under a new brand name: “LSG Sky Chefs”. This move made LSG Sky Chefs the largest airline-catering brand in the world.

  • LSG launched a global expansion

    • Asia: LSG Lufthansa Service Asia Ltd. is founded; LSG investment in Sky Bird Services in Hong Kong; Dragonair invested in LSG Lufthansa Service Hong Kong Ltd.
    • Europe: joint venture with Airest, an Austrian airline service and logistics group; investment in de Montis, an Italian airline caterer.
    • US:       LSG Lufthansa Service USA Corp. was formed; LSG created a joint venture with Marriott/Caterair.

  • Sky Chefs sold to Onex Food Services

    Sky Chefs became an independent company and a subsidiary of Onex Food Services Inc. when American Airlines’ parent company, AMR Corp., sold Sky Chefs to Onex Corp. of Toronto, Canada.

  • Lufthansa set up LSG

    LSG Lufthansa Service GmbH founded as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Deutsche Lufthansa AG. The subsidiary was branded LSG and served as a domestic airline caterer in Germany.

  • American Airlines launched Sky Chefs

    American Airlines created Sky Chefs, a wholly-owned airline-catering service based in the US.