LSG Sky Chefs New Zealand expands convenience retail business

Healthy meals for a healthy business: LSG Sky Chefs New Zealand continues its convenience retail expansion with a collaboration with Swolefoods. The Auckland-based food delivery company provides health-conscious customers with ready-made macronutrient balanced meals. Beginning May, LSG Sky Chefs will provide Swolefoods with 5,000 frozen meals per month.

Swolefoods customers choose a meal plan, mix and match their preferences from three ranges (Swole, Active, Low Carb) as a one off or recurring order. Then, the frozen meals are prepared and delivered in an environmentally friendly box within three business days.

“With busier lifestyles and the ever increasing number of people looking towards convenient food solutions while still improving their overall health and wellbeing, making a healthy option available to them has been quite a success for us,” explains Taran Machra, owner and managing director of Swolefoods. “Partnering with LSG Sky Chefs has allowed us to think beyond our current customer base and create products of a much higher caliber, which we also look to scale to different segments of the market. LSG Sky Chefs developed a gourmet range of meals for us which will help in increasing our customer reach and widen the market segment we operate in. They are also developing health snacks for us.”

“The Swolefoods business continues our successful convenience retail expansion and strengthens our market position,” says Mauricio Novaes, Head of New Zealand & Pacific Market. “We also see a lot of growth potential and in times like these, we are more than happy to bring business to our Auckland kitchen.”

“This is a great partnership which also demonstrates our ability to provide healthy meal options,” adds Bilal Ozturk, Sales and Services Director, New Zealand & Pacific. “Our team has created innovative new dishes such as beef bulgogi (350gr), Thai curry chicken (350 gr) and meat balls with spaghetti (350 gr) for Swolefoods and we provide them with healthy high protein & low sugar cookies, for example. This business is also a fine opportunity to explore the fitness industry and boost our capabilities in the market.”

The partnership with Swolefoods marks another promising convenience retail business for our colleagues in New Zealand. Or as Taran from Swolefoods puts it: “We are excited about the road ahead of us, and I truly believe there are some exciting things in development which will be very well accepted by the customers and result in the partnership being very successful.”

LSG Sky Chefs New Zealand Swolefoods Team

Celebrating a good partnership (from left to right): Mauricio Novaes, Ksenia Sotnikova (Swolefoods), Taran Machra (Swolefoods), Bilal Ozturk, Ben Scanlan (Swolefoods), Ariel Quiroga.

This photo was taken before New Zealand had any positive COVID-19 cases, when the use of face masks was not mandated.

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