Blueprints and cakes: Combining architecture and haute patisserie

Last week, Mathieu Castex, Manager Global Culinary Excellence at LSG Group, was a guest juror at archEatable, a trans-disciplinary course that combines architecture and gourmet patisserie. The LSG Group’s pastry chef was part of the 15-member panel who evaluated the final coursework designs. Comprising an international group of journalists, chefs and researchers, some of the other panelists included the former international director at the Michelin Guide.

archEatable desser

“We wanted experienced professionals to take part as part of the jury, and I asked the chefs participating in this third edition to invite well-established colleagues,” said Jose Carrillo, founder, director and course instructor of archEatable. The Associate Professor of Architecture at the American University in Dubai is a specialist in Digital Design & Fabrication, a Rhinoceros certified trainer and an innovative consultant for chefs and hospitality firms aiming to create unique projects and sophisticated edible pieces reflecting their brand identity.

Established in 2018, the course pairs students with professional patisserie chefs. Under professor’s and chef’s guidance, students learn about the techniques and ingredients fundamental to building a detailed – and edible – design. The influences range from buildings to the sea and even the concept of erosion, resulting in nine intricate models with a distinct architectural flair. “I’m grateful to have been invited as a guest juror,” said Castex. “As chefs, we want to create original dishes that guests will remember, much like architects with their designs.”

The final designs were evaluated on various factors, such as the feasibility of execution, market adaptability and whether it matches the brand and gastronomy concept. According to Castex, a key takeaway of the event is the unique perspective of each design. “The architectural influence in each blueprint is evident, and it inspired me to envision how I would bring that dish to life,” he said.

Jörg Hofmann, Head of Global Culinary Excellence at the LSG Group, added: “This is why a global network is so important to us. It not only keeps our finger on the pulse, but it also helps us look ahead to foresee trends or opportunities that keep us innovative.”

Stay tuned to our Instagram page, where we will be sharing the nine designs of the third edition of archEatable over the coming days.

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