Environmental Manual: Standardize environmental care!

environmental_manualAs mentioned in my previous blog post, LSG Sky Chefs has a comprehensive Environmental Management System in place. This system is not static – we continuously learn from our experiences and integrate new aspects, methodologies, new legal requirements and specifications as well as our learnings.

The latest addition to our “Green” approach is an Environmental Manual. This manual provides our facilities around the globe with the information as well as standards they need to follow, such as clear definitions of the KPIs and procedures for an environmental assessment. In addition, it serves as a useful tool to adjust regional and local activities to ensure their optimal environmental performance. The manual is also proof of our company’s commitment to the protection of our natural resources.

While, so far I have talked about our basics in regards to environmental care, in my next blog posts I will focus on some of our impressive best practices around the globe.

Did you know, that all LSG Sky Chefs’ regions around the globe have dedicated environmental programs to reduce water, energy and waste consumption?

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