Annual review

Annual Review 2014

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LSG Sky Chefs would like to enhance its Annual Review 2014 by adding a series of short video clips which demonstrate the company’s strategic direction and the benefit of its portfolio for customers and consumers.

We have chosen five people who stand for LSG Sky Chefs and cover different areas of expertise. We would like to bring across what drives and motivates the people at LSG Sky Chefs, what they believe in and why what they are doing is important to them. What drives me? Thus, the global company is personalized through the perspective and motivation of authentic, motivated and engaged people.

Maryann Simson, an aviation writer and provider of PR/communications support to companies in the commercial aviation supply chain. Originally from Toronto, she holds dual Canadian/UK citizenship, but currently resides in Hamburg, Germany. She also contributes regularly to Aircraft Interiors International and Airline Passenger Experience Magazine.

Erdmann Rauer, CEO

Erdmann Rauer, CEO, LSG Sky Chefs, talks about his vision for the company’s future and its aims to get closer to customers, passengers and especially employees. He explains how developing tailor-made concepts and products is crucial to building strong customer relationships and points out that environmental sustainability is a key priority. Rauer’s first challenge as CEO, a role he took over in 2012, was realigning corporate strategy to focus not only on profits and margins, but also to take into account new product and service development and drive growth in different segments.


Jörg Tüttelmann, VP Culinary Excellence

Jörg Tuettelmann, VP Culinary Excellence LSG Sky Chefs, is responsible for all the different ethnic cuisines around the globe. “Being a chef means looking around you and not being in a box,” he points out. Besides an ongoing exchange with his chefs, he regularly meets with the LSG Sky Chefs culinary teams to discuss best practices and ways to develop further. Tuettelmann also offers some personal insights and culinary tips.


Florian von Oertzen, VP Sales and Steering

Florian von Oertzen, VP Sales and Steering LSG Sky Chefs, reveals the secret of service excellence – a combination of reliability and personal flair. LSG Sky Chefs has over 30,000 employees in 50 different countries, so inspiring all of them to achieve the same level of service excellence can be quite challenging, but with a structured approach and clear targets, it is not impossible. Florian also shares his personal experiences of LSG Sky Chef’s service excellence.


 Michael Wahl, VP Product Marketing and Innovation

Michael Wahl, VP Product Marketing and Innovation LSG Sky Chefs, talks about how customer and consumer needs are constantly changing. Monitoring trends and megatrends is crucial to staying ahead of the game, which is why his team has developed a new process, Look, Think, Connect and Create, which connects changing trends with an airline’s branding to create constantly updated unique selling points (USP) for the airline’s customers. “This sets us apart from our competitors and brings real benefits to the passenger’s table”, says Wahl.


Pinar Meitzner, VP Sales, Design and Engineering, SPIRIANT

Pinar Meitzner, VP Sales, Design and Engineering SPIRIANT, introduces the company’s product range and its considerable benefits for crews and passengers. High-quality, on-board catering equipment not only enables crews to work more efficiently and more comfortably, but also creates a better atmosphere for passengers. Meitzner also discusses how information from social networks can be used in developing new products. SPIRIANT works closely with suppliers, partners, universities and external industry design consultants in its quest for perfection.

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