Why work for us

The LSG Group is not just a great company to do business with, it’s also a rewarding place to work.

A world leader:

The LSG Group started out in the airline catering industry over 70 years ago. And LSG Sky Chefs is now one of the leading service providers in the industry, serving 578 million meals annually for more than 300 airline partners in over 50 countries. Over the years we have also successfully expanded our business to offer a wider range of products and services to various other industries, such as train operators and retailers.

Dynamic, exciting and fast-paced industries:

The industries we work with offer daily challenges that keep the LSG Group and its employees motivated, engaged and striving to achieve their maximum potential.

International, multicultural and diverse:

More than 32,000 employees with more than 100 different nationalities work in 210 units across 51 countries. And with a multiplicity of regional needs to fulfill, your career at the LSG Group will be rewarding and truly international in scope.

A company of values:

We are guided by a set of company values. They are an integral part of our mission and leadership principles. Trust, Respect, Reaching for Excellence, Customer Commitment, Innovation and Economic Health are part of how we do our jobs, as well as how we behave toward our customers… and one another.

People first:

We know that the success of our business is only made possible by the ongoing commitment of our employees. They are our greatest asset and we treat them that way.

Women’s Quota – Target Figures for LSG Sky Chefs:

In order to comply with the “Law on Equal Participation of Women and Men in Leading Positions in the Private and Public Sector,” relevant target figures and dates for the promotion of women within LSG Sky Chefs were intensely discussed before ambitious goals were set.

In addition to the statutory quota, all companies within the Lufthansa Group have set a common target figure. Every company will contribute to this figure, taking into account the respective framework of the individual company. LSG Sky Chefs’ companies will also contribute their share.

Based on the common target figure for the Lufthansa Group, all LSG Sky Chefs companies with legal obligation to publish their target figures have defined their own goals for their supervisory and executive boards, as well as for management levels 1 and 2.

 Status June 30, 2015Target Figure by Dec 31, 2016
LSG Lufthansa Service Holding AG
Supervisory Board33,0%30,0%
Executive Board33,0%30,0%
Management Level 118,2%18,2%
Management Level 222,7%27,3%
LSG Sky Chefs Frankfurt ZD GmbH
Supervisory Board33,0%30,0%
Managing Directors0%0%
Management Level 125,0%25,0%
Management Level 218,2%27,3%
LSG Sky Chefs Frankfurt International GmbH
Supervisory Board0%30,0%
Managing Directors0%0%
Management Level 10%0%
Management Level 216,7%16,7%
LSG Sky Chefs München GmbH
Supervisory Board0%30,0%
Managing Directors0%0%
Management Level 10%0%
Management Level 225,0%25,0%