Airline Challenges

LSG Sky Chefs offers

  • Increasing ancillary revenues to offset rising costs

    Onboard Retail Management services maximizing revenue opportunities

  • Increasing passenger satisfaction

    Wide range of researched products offering passengers increased choices

  • Managing hardware and IT

    Advanced onboard retail IT solutions

  • Implementing onboard retail concepts

    Implementation support including crew training

Onboard Retail Management

Maximizing Onboard Revenue

Successful onboard retail improves customer satisfaction and brand perception, while increasing revenue. Today, we already manage buy-on-board retail programs for a large number of airlines around the world, covering the whole process:

  • Product Mix
  • Menu Planning
  • Procurement
  • Packaging Design
  • Cabin Crew Sales Training 

Products that match your passengers

We develop an ideal product mix for your airline according to demographics, culture and routes. What's more we can define the optimal stocking levels of all goods ranging from luxury items to basic products.

We also provide quality in-flight items, such as amenity kits and toys, that carry your own branding. Our partners include major luxury cosmetics and retail names to suit every budget. We manage the entire process, from sourcing through to delivery.

Technology that enhances sales and turnaround

Our advanced end-to-end retail technology solutions combine unbeatable in-flight service with state-of-the-art IT solutions to maximize additional revenue streams for airlines.

Point-of-sale hand-held terminals enable you to implement promotions and price changes at short notice, and crew can handle cash, credit cards, loyalty cards, coupon sales and promotions. These terminals communicate with systems on the ground, which allow us to:

  • Control stock levels
  • Predict sales
  • Optimize the product mix
  • Implement promotions
  • Carry out further analysis

The end result is efficiency gains throughout the entire supply chain.

Cabin crew that enjoy sales

Building the commitment of your cabin crew is key to maximizing revenue growth. Therefore we have developed training programs and incentive schemes that provide cabin crew with the skills and rewards necessary to increase sales without compromising their job satisfaction.


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