• Tailor-made menu design that delivers on your brand.
  • Fine Choice, an LSG Company, partners with a host of ground retail companies.
  • When it comes to culinary excellence onboard, we ensure you have the edge in passenger satisfaction.
  • We are also working with customers outside the aviation industry, providing high-quality catering and logistics services.
We’ll help you excel by making your passengers’ in-flight experience more rewarding. Benefit from our expertise in every aspect of the in-flight service chain.

We deliver the taste of the world

As an in-flight services provider, our job is to make sure that with our help airlines can offer passengers an outstanding onboard experience that is unique and absolutely loyal to their brand values. But there is more to what we do. We want to make the in-flight side of our customers' operations less complicated by partnering with them and building the best possible solution.

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Products, Equipment and Logistics Expert

Intelligent products, equipment and logistics that meet your specific operational needs and appeal to your passengers. At SPIRIANT, we use our unrivaled expertise to develop innovative in-flight concepts and optimize your entire supply chain.

We identify exactly what you, your cabin crew and your passengers need, and design smart solutions to meet those complex demands. Material planners, logistics experts and proven IT systems back up our design, materials and engineering knowledge.

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Environmental Report

Over the past 20 years, LSG Sky Chefs has developed what is today considered the in-flight service industry’s most structured and expansive approach to Environmental Care. Our Environmental Management System permeates everything we do to ensure wide-scale awareness and continuous improvement throughout our worldwide organization. One of its fundamental features is the Environmental Report.

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